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Flow Switches for Liquid, Air, Gas Applications in Industrial Processes and Plant Operations

FCI flow switches feature thermal dispersion technology in which the temperature difference is greatest in a no-flow condition and decreases as flow increases, cooling the heated RTD. Changes in flow velocity directly affect the extent to which heat dissipates and, in turn, the magnitude of the temperature difference between the RTDs.

An electronic control circuit converts the RTD temperature difference into a conditioned DC voltage signal. These signals are used to drive adjustable-setpoint alarm circuits and outputs. Depending on the model, alarms are field configurable for flow, temperature, high or low, hysteresis, time delay and more. FCI offers a broad range of flow switch products to meet a wide range of performance and application requirements. FCI flow switches are rugged, reliable and repeatable to ensure continuous operation and longest service life in industrial applications. An extensive selection of flow element materials, process connections and enclosures are available to ensure compatibility and easiest installation in your process.


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