JOGLER Premier Level Products

Jogler, LLC is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana manufacturer of high-quality Magnetic Level Gauges, Magnetostrictive Transmitters, Direct-Reading Level Gauges with armored shield, Sight Flow Indicators, Point Level Switches, and other accessories.

Jogler products are custom designed to meet customer specifications and manufactured to applicable ASME B31.1 and B31.3 code requirements to ensure reliable operation and maintenance free design. Jogler’s manufacturing capabilities have increased to include CNC machining, advanced machine for extruded process connections, welding machines, water jet machine, glass lathe, and in-house powder paint capabilities. Jogler also offers X-ray, PMI with and without carbon content, post weld heat treatment, epoxy painting, and clean service for oxygen.

Common applications include tank level, knockout drum level, propane storage tanks, boiler drum level, and many more.

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