Thermo Fisher Scientific

From routine testing to complex research and discovery, Thermo Fisher’s Scientific’s industry-leading Mass Spectrometers and Online Sulfur Analyzers answer "what is it" and "how much is there.”

The Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer is highly reliable and easy-to-own while delivering a faster, more complete, lab quality online gas composition analysis. The Prime Pro features a rugged, fault-tolerant design that ensures availability exceeding 99.7%, a simplified maintenance procedure, and auto-tune capability which facilitates ongoing operation and enhances productivity.

For online sulfur analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers:

  • SOLA iQ On-line Sulfur Analyzer determines the total sulfur content of liquid or gas phase samples to ensure process optimization, maximize profitability, and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • SOLA II Online Sulfur Analyzer performs total sulfur analysis on liquid hydrocarbon fuel process streams
  • SOLA II Flare Sulfur On-Line Analyzer continuously monitors the total sulfur content in flare gas streams which enables immediate corrective action without lab analysis delays. The SOLA II Flare provides a measuring range from 10 ppm to 95% S by volume and offers an extremely fast high-to-low response time.

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