TM Filtration

TM Filtration is headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania and manufactures standard and customized coalescing gas filters built to ASME Section VIII Div. 1 pressure vessel code with a “U” Stamp available.

As opposed to traditional coalescing filters, where gas enters at the inside of the filter element and flows to the outside, TM Filtration’s patented GFM technology solves carryover concerns by employing a reverse flow design through a multi-stage filtration process.

As shown in the image below, TM Filtration’s design prevents the gas flow from being exposed to extracted liquids which can re- entrain liquids to the exiting gas stream. The net result of this advanced design is cleaner gas streams at reduced operational cost.

TM Filtration offers:

  • 3 Phase Gas Coalescing Filter
  • 2 Phase Gas Coalescing Filter
  • Gas Strainers
  • Gas Separators
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages
  • Pulsation Dampeners
  • Storage Receivers
  • Knockout Drums

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