Optical Scientific, Inc.

Optical Scientific, Inc. (OSI) designs and builds the most advanced optical instruments in the world for measuring air flow.

OSI's patented Optical Flow Sensors (OFS) measure the velocity of a process gas by temporal correlation of scintillation signal. Scintillation is the variation of light caused by its passage through pockets of air with different temperature and density. It’s what makes the stars seem to twinkle in the night sky. OFS uses scintillation in air flow to determine velocity. This proven measurement technology, originally developed and patented for use in atmospheric visibility and turbulence detecting instruments, offers unequalled response and accuracy in air flow sensing.

OSI’s sensors and systems can be utilized to monitor air/gas flow in a variety of applications where accurate flow measurements are critical. OFS technology is a very pure measurement and are installed in smelters, power plants, refineries, and hundreds of other commercial and industrial sites around the world.

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